Welcome to the ZRHK Photography site! ZRHK is pronounced as "zuh-rik" for those who are curious. We are a queer, BIPOC photography studio owned by Zariah Kay and their partner, Jase.

Photography has been Zariah's passion ever since they were a child. They were always interested in photography; having mostly taught themself almost everything they could growing up until they got their degree in 2023. Jase has always had an interest in photography; loving the creative process and brainstorming new ways to have whatever vision come to life. All this duo wants to do is travel around to photograph people, nature and events!

We have a wide range when it comes to our photography. While we focus on mostly fashion, editorial and cosplay photography; we also love to photograph nature such as landscapes and animals! While this site does have some of our works, we do have social media for easier access for our clients! Please check us out below and give us a follow!